Below are some of the things written and said about the book so far, including articles, reviews, podcasts and blogs.

'Mini-reviews of three Labour books worth reading', The Guardian, Andrew Sparrow, 20.09.20

'Warring Fictions', Interview with Emma Burnell for House of Comments Podcast, 13.04.20

'Believe it or not, Keir Starmer may find it surprisingly easy to unite the Labour Party', The Independent, John Rentoul, 16.02.20

'Labour won’t end anti-Semitism until we ditch Puppet-Master ideas about politics', Medium, 21.01.20

'The Labour leadership election only matters if the party breaks with the past', Martin Kettle, Guardian', 06.02.20

'Why does Labour never know what it’s got till it’s (long) gone?' Medium, 21.01.20

'Why Labour's leadership election is not a battle of left and right', New Statesman, Chris Clarke, 13.01.20

Who can fix the problem of polarisation within the British Labour Party? RSA podcast, 14.1.20

Losing Sides, Fabian Society, January 2020

How do we stop the ‘Long Road Back to Power’ becoming Groundhog Day? Progress Online, 7.1.20

'The Dark Knight and the Puppet Master – self-destructive political myths', Radix, Professor Colin Talbot and Chris Clarke, 03.01.20

'Labour's Corbynite left are lost on Fantasy Island'(£), The Times, David Aaronovitch, 19.12.19

‘Where now for Change UK?', Medium, 31.5.19

A moral maze, Fabian Review, Spring Edition, 2019

'Populism, pluralism and the politically homeless', Big Tent Ideas podcast, March 2019

‘Two-tiers good, four-tiers bad’ - how we prevent a Brexit culture war, Medium, 15.1.19

Radicals against populism, Progress Online, 7.1.19

What the row over Kate Osamor’s council house tells us about Corbynism, Red Roar, 21.12.18

Labour’s Brexit Fudge Is Rooted In Decline NarrativesHuff Post, 12.12.18

I don’t believe we live in a dictatorship. Can I still be a socialist? Left Foot Forward, 27.11.18